MOUZAKIS A. STYLIANOS. He was born in Athens in 1945. He is a Civilization History Researcher.

He is systematically engaged in research, study and presentation of Byzantine, and post Byzantine monuments and manuscripts. Additionally, he studies issues of Modern Greek culture, while diligently takes charge of in-situ research, location and restoration of traditional preindustrial installations.

He can present a rich collection of writings and publications that counts 23 monographs and more than 190 journals. His research has occasionally been published in Greek and international Journals and yearbooks. He has cooperated in various collective volumes and historical lexicons. He is a regular member of various history scientific corporations of archaeology and folkloric studies.

He actively takes part in organizing conventions and symposiums, in various publishing committees, and in the assiduity of scientific publications. He has performed several lectures, educative seminars, throughout Greece and has also participated in various Greek and International Conventions, with pioneering and original presentations, on a series of subjects, even for the protection of National Heritage. Moreover he is a columnist in magazines and newspapers. Considerations for his books and presentations of his work have been published in Greek and International journals, and yearbooks.

He is a regular member of history, archaeology, folkloric scientific society. Amongst others, he is a member of Hellenic Folkloric Society, Society of Byzantine Studies, The Archaeological Society at Athens, Society of Cycladic Studies, Founding member of Scientific Society of Attica Studies (and its president from 2003 to 2015), Founding member of the Center of Greek-Russian Historical Research (CE.HI.R), Founding member of the Institute of Greek Mils (and its president from 1999 to 2001), member of the International Molinology Society (TIMS), the International Committee for the preservation of Industrial Heritage (TICCIH),Greek Nomenclature Corporation, Greek Speleology Society, Honorary member of the Institute of Inter -Balkan Cultural Cooperation, Greek Heraldry and Genealogy Society Federation Internationale des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Tourisme, Association of Cycladic Press. He has served as a board of Directors member, of Philological Society “Parnassos” and of the Association of Greek Tourism Authors and Journalists. He has served as a member of the editorial committee of the journal Modern Greek History and Culture “Myriovivlos”.

He has worked on collegial volumes and historical lexicography projects, such as: Great General Encyclopedia YDRIA, Encyclopedic Portrait Dictionary of Byzantine History and Culture, Dictionary of Byzantine Peloponnese.

Amongst others he has actively participated and cooperated in various research projects such as: “Water as a driving force in traditional energy systems of Aegean; From Thrace to Cyprus”, organized by the Greek Ministry of Aegean.

Additionally, in cooperation with CE.HI.R and the Russian Science Academy, he has undertaken a common project on the “Registration and Study of Russian Ecclesiastic Items in Greece” Moreover he has taken part in various archaeological excavations in Greece (1989) and Albania (2011-2015 in Male Grand Island in cooperation with the Institute of Inter -Balkan Cultural Cooperation.

He has been honored for his studies and researches, with various awards and distinctions, by multiple public organizations and societies.